How passive and active safety impacted our day to day.

Seguridad pasiva y activa

Over the last decades, the automotive industry has invested in the newest measures to ensure passive and active safety for pedestrians, and vehicle users.

During the last year, 1,004 victims died due to road traffic accidents, and 3,728 were seriously injured in Spain. 2021 was the second-best year in history, with 9% less deaths over the previous year. This situation is close to the rest of Europe and the United States. While in Asian countries such as Thailand and India, these numbers are drastically upper.

According to Thailand’s Road Security Centre, with a population of 69.8 million, Thailand registered 13,479 deaths and 880,578 injuries due to traffic in 2021. In 2020, a study published by OMS reported that 2.51% of total deaths in India were due to road traffic accidents. This is why  passive and active safety are an important goal to achive for the industry leaders.

In these countries, the road is a real jungle, crowded with all sorts of transport, and people’s hustle and bustle make it easy to be run over. That is why investing in passive and active safety can make the difference.

At the beginning of this year, ARIES INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS designed, manufactured and commissioned a new Set Belt Anchorage Test System, for the Department of Land Transport of Thailand . With it, DTL increased the productivity of their test laboratory by being able to meet, with high precision, all the specifications according to the regulations, contributing to decreasing death and injury numbers.

Full scale crash test facilities Aries Passive and active safety

As leaders in the automotive test system industry, ARIES is committed to supporting clients with Road Safety and the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution to boost Global Road Safety by preventing at least 50% of deaths and injuries in road accidents by 2030.

Throughout the years, ARIES has created different solutions, whose aim is to contribute to increasing the society’s Road Safety. These are some examples: 

  • The Flying Floor for side Pole testing allows the end-user to test the side pole according to the principal international standards. 
  • The Bumper Pendulum for Maruti Suzuki can perform tests to ensure the safety standards of Suzuki vehicles and their components. This system simulates low speed crashes in front and rear bumpers according to all international standards.
  • The Full Crash Facility conducts simulated crash tests and full-scale real crash tests up to five tons and up to 110 km/h speed. 

In case more information about this or any other ARIES systems is of your interest, check our automotive solutions or get in touch at You can also check our automotives solutions here to improve passive and active safety. 

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