ARIES Ingenieria y Sistemas is proud to announce the award of the project for a new Bumper Pendulum System for Maruti Suzuki (India). With this project, Maruti Suzuki, the main car manufacturer in India, reaffirms its confidence in ARIES’ testing equipment. After 5+ years of ARIES’ technology at Maruti Suzuki facilities, a new testing system from ARIES will be installed.



With ARIES’ Bumper Pendulum, Maruti Suzuki will be able to perform tests that ensure the safety standards of their vehicles and vehicle components. It can simulate low speed crashes in front and rear bumpers according to all international standards: RCAR, IIHS, Allianz, ECE….

ARIES, therefore, continues supporting its customers to get state-of-the-art technology in Passive Safety Testing. After over 30 years of designing, manufacturing and supplying passive safety testing systems for the automotive market, ARIES maintains its worldwide leader position with the best solutions for its customers.

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