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Complete test bench for trailers and semi-trailers

  • Designed for all types of trailers.
  • Actuator system for multi-axial static and dynamic tests.
  • Structural, fatigue and performance testing.
  • Flexible and customized configuration.
  • Control system with profile generator and complete data logging.

Catenary test bench

  • For rigid and flexible catenary.
  • Capacity up to 300 Nm.
  • Modular and configurable design.
  • High upgrade potential in capacity and functionality.
  • MIMO/MISO control systems.
  • Open/closed loop.
  • High precision control.

Test loop for medium temperature concentrating solar collectors

  • Tested according to ISO 9806/2017.
  • Wide operating range.
  • Highest accuracy and repeatability.
  • Thermal performance tests on collectors up to approximately 25 m2 aperture area.
  • User-friendly controller and software with data logging capability.

Advanced low pressure pneumatic launcher for UAVs

  • Advanced technology launcher designed specifically for launching UAVs/UATs.
  • Pressure lower than 10 bar.
  • Maximum safety.
  • High and easy to use system.
  • Quick start-up and assembly.

UAV engine test bench

  • For testing and characterization of a wide range of UAV engines.
  • Flexible and modular system.
  • Installation for outdoor use.
  • ROTAX 914 (four cylinders, four stroke, turbo).
  • Thrust 120 N.
  • Torque 120 Nm.

Critical underwater vibration simulator

  • Simulation of explosions and underwater waves.
  • Certification of explosion-proof. Accelerations and decelerations controlled by hydropneumatic system.
  • Sample size: up to 2m x 2m.
  • Maximum sample weight: 1500 kg


IDEA4T is an innovation-driven company delivering tailored testing solutions to automotive and defence industries.

With more than two decades of experience providing solutions to world’s leading automotive companies, Idea4T contributes exceptional application expertise, extensive range of case studies, deep know-how, proven quality and high performance to every project.

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