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ARIES provides laboratories with any system they need to perform environmental, vibration, and battery tests according to different situations and applicable regulations worldwide. 

Our Core Solutions



Thermical ChambersThermical Chambers

An environmental chamber can reproduce temperature and humidity conditions. Can be used for validation of newly designed products, and cycling of mechanical and/or electrical components for R&D&I or certification aims.

ARIES offers standard climatic chambers or customised systems in walk-in dimensions, gradients and compression groups (size, single or cascade), with a wide working range (from -70ºC to +180ºC). This can be also combined with other types of testing systems.


The vibration systems can be vertical or installed on a mono-base. With vibration controllers, allowing MIMO and MISO type tests in closed loop (sine, random, shock, mixed mode, replication, etc.) and in several axes, combined with climatic chamber. 

Can be configurable in the number of channels, from 4 to 1024 channels, and multiple drive signals.
With hydraulic and electrodynamic systems.

Vibration testVibration test
Vibration test
Thermal shockThermal shock
Thermal shock
Mechanical shockMechanical shock
Mechanical shock
Fire resistanceFire resistance
Fire resistance

ARIES’ Battery testing systems can be used, for testing under various conditions required by major regulatory standards such as UL, SAE, IEC, ISO, UN, UNECE and JIS.

Performing for electrical, mechanical, environmental and additional special conditions testing and available for all types of batteries.

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