Successful commissioning and acceptance of the new Seat Belt Anchorage Test System

Seatbelt Anchorage
Seatbelt Anchorage

ARIES is proud to announce the successful commissioning and acceptance, by the Department of Land Transport of Thailand, of our new Seat Belt Anchorage Test System.

With this system, DLT will increase the productivity of their test laboratory, by adding the ability to meet with high precision all the specifications mentioned in the regulation related to seat belt anchorages to ensure the smooth running and safety of land transport.

But also, this new Seat Belt Anchorage Test System goes further, allowing the performance of a greater variety of tests for R&D with more requirements than those required only by this regulation.

Seatbelt Anchorage
Seatbelt Anchorage

If you want to know more about the general specifications of ARIES seat belt anchorage test system, take a look at our brochure:

Customer is fully satisfied with the system high quality and the professional service given by ARIES experts throughout the entire process. This is again a proof of ARIES commitment with the innovation, customer satisfaction and business excellence.

For more information, please contact us:

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