New Flying Floor for Side Pole Testing

side pole testing

ARIES keeps its position as one of the leading global suppliers of test systems and instrumentation by designing and successfully commissioning the most advanced Flying Floor for side pole testing according to the main international standards.

side pole testing
side pole testing
side pole testing
side pole testing

System features

  • Extremely low height for stable movement and easy loading of the vehicle.
  • 38 PU wheels for smooth rolling on whatever concrete track surface.
  • Double autonomous guidance system and immediate adaptability to whatever existing towing trolley.
  • Optional large transparent window for bottom filming.
  • Platform surface covered with aluminium plates that can be optionally coated with PTFE low friction material.
  • Easy storage concept: the platform can be disassembled into up to 6 parts.
  • Easy car fixation with safety straps to allow emergency braking.

System regulations

  • GBT 37337-2019 car side column collision
  • 2021 C- NCAP
  • Euro NCAP
  • C NCAP
  • K NCAP
  • FMVSS 201
  • FMVSS 214
  • ECE R135
  • GTR 14
  • KMVSS 102-4
  • ADR 85/00

In order to fully comply with the international regulations and standards, ARIES also supplies different pole fixtures, with interchangeable pole diameters, to be attached to the impact plate.

If you want to know more about the general specifications of ARIES system, take a look at our brochure:

For more information, please contact us:

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