New seats and belts anchorage evaluation and test system in collaboration with APV

Seats and belts anchorage APV

Great news for Transport seating manufacturers; ARIES has developed a new test and evaluation system for seats, restraints, and seats and belts anchorage in collaboration with APV that will support a wide range of international standards.

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This system will allow APV to support Australian seat manufacturers and their influential area to develop and standardise automotive seating solutions, including the competition industry. Moreover, this system can also support the defence sector, for land vehicles and aircraft.

APV has a long career in developing and executing passive safety tests in the automotive industry that supports different international standards. APV would be able to carry out tests on automotive seats and competition seats, according to SAE J2292, ADR 4/06, ECE R14, FMVSS 207 & FMVSS 210, and the latest FIA 8855-2021.

This new test rig has been designed based on the standard ARIES systems for seat belt anchorage and seat resistance tests and the specific APV’s requirements. It includes 4 actuators which allow carrying out horizontal forces and tilt forces tests on a seat or its seat belts. The rig is on a self-supporting frame, so floor anchoring is no longer necessary. The control system has predefined test curves in addition to the possibility of customising new curves by the end-user.

The flexibility provided by this new equipment enables the possibility to test all types of seating and restraints for aircraft, military vehicles, ships, ferries, trucks, buses, and trains, among others, including its safety belts.

ARIES INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS is always committed to adapting our systems to the end user’s requirements, being pioneers and always at the forefront in developing state-of-the-art solutions.

In case more information about this or any other ARIES systems is of your interest, please, do not hesitate to get in touch at Also, you can check out our Automotive systems solutions here.

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