ARIES LED Lighting System for High Speed Crash Test Videos

ARIES LED Lighting System

High-resolution video recordings play a central role in allowing engineers to evaluate crash tests in the best way. To bring out even the smallest details in a test, extremely effective LED Lighting System is key.


ARIES lighting systems are perfectly tailored to individual customer requirements.

With a luminous intensity of up to 150,000 lumens, ARIES LED lamps are optimized for both continuous illumination of test objects and for camera-synchronized operation with up to 25,000 flashes per second, increasing light output by 200 %.

  • No warm-up or cool-down period: immediate maximum light output.
  • Test object not exposed to thermal radiation.
  • No limitation of execution time.
  • LED lifespan > 50,000 hours.
  • Compact design for various applications.
  • Available with four different beam angles.
  • 5 travelling lights support.
  • Lamps 1200 Watt.

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