ARIES receives excellen reviews after launching the Compact Launcher and exceeding Nexteer’s expectations

compact launcher

ARIES Engineering engineers successfully completed the installation of the compact launcher, in less time than expected. He also gave excellent training on the operation of the system and all the programs delivered, for which the team of Nexteer Automotive technicians appreciated the efficient and professional work carried out.


The compact launcher provided to Nexteer Automotive is part of the ARIES family of launchers. The version of this launcher is the most compact and is recommended primarily for component-level testing when great flexibility is required. With its modular design, the system is capable of launching different body shapes against interior and exterior elements of the vehicle under test.

This system has been designed and manufactured in accordance with Nexteer’s specifications for mass and impact velocity to develop custom high-energy tests to comply with current international standards and also test requirements that will be implemented in the future by different international standards. 

The ARIES family of launchers share the most efficient and innovative systems and technology while adapting perfectly to the different testing needs of each client. The approach is similar to the automotive OEMs, in which some of the technology platforms are shared between different models and brands of the same company to ensure the quality of the product delivered. ARIES, one of the major key players in the development of automotive passive safety testing systems in general and launcher testing systems in particular, continues to demonstrate its international leadership in the automotive testing industry.

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