ARIES Train Lifting System, able to improve up to 300% the efficiency in maintenance tasks

Train Lifting

ARIES showcases the Train Lifting and Bogie Dismounting System, able to improve up to 300% the efficiency in railway maintenance tasks.

  • Innovation, productivity efficiency, costs reduction and installation periods are the key factors for the new railway maintenance systems, presented by the Spanish company.
  • ARIES will join forces with RENFE to optimize railway maintenance tasks. The train Lifting and Bogie Dismounting System will be commissioned at client depots at the end of this year.
  • The company becomes a key player in railway test systems and validation sector in Spain. ARIES has solutions catered to the requirements of each individual client and rolling stock specific needs.

Railway maintenance sector is one of the most demanding in terms of flexibility, efficiency and quality. It constantly requires reliable tools, which could maximize transport infrastructures profitability.

Under this premise, ARIES has developed a Synchronized Train Lifting and Bogie Dismounting System. The company introduces a new concept in the railway maintenance facilities operation: a solution able to increase the productivity efficiency in maintenance tasks up to a 300% and cut down installation cost and time by 250%. ARIES has conceived a fully modular, portable system, offering flexibility in the design of layouts of rolling stock depots. Besides, this system does not require any kind of specific civil work, which is clearly an added advantage.

Thanks to ARIES broad experience in the industry, the company has become a reference in technological development, innovation, independence, quality and efficiency in international test systems field. The company actively bets on innovation, technological excellence and has recently developed solutions especially designed for a demanding and rapidly growing market: the maintenance systems of the future.

According to Manuel Rey, ARIES Railway Business Development Manager, “ARIES’ commitment with the most advanced technology is solid. Having the trust from clients like RENFE and contributing to the promotion of excellence in Spanish railway maintenance sector is a huge satisfaction.”

This system is a new member of ARIES railway solutions family, which some months ago was enlarged with the test bench for Catenary Elements, supplied to Adif. This system has been especially designed, to carry out tests in Adif Railway Technologies Center, a specific space created for open multidisciplinary innovation, located at  Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) in Campanillas; 13 kilometers far away from Malaga city center. The company also offers railway vehicles and infrastructure customized consulting services for R&D purposes.

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