New Speedmeter SM2BL21

New Speedmeter

At Aries we have something to celebrate! 

We are pleased to present the new Speedmeter SM2BL21, as a result of our advanced engineering experience and continuous search for innovative solutions.

ARIES´ SM2BL21 Speedmeter is a flexible, complete and technologically advanced device for speed measurement in all types of systems and applications. It is specially designed for testing both vehicles and their components, such as full-scale crash test facilities, anthropomorphic impactor launchers, crash simulation sleds, head restraint impact test systems and many other systems.



It consists of two modules: emitter and receiver, that might be set up opposite to each other. The emitter produces two parallel laser beams which are detected at the receiver to generate the correspondent signals to be able to obtain the speed. 

The speedmeter emitter, contains an on /off state and a battery level. The speedmeter receiver has a 4.3″ touchable TFT screen, ready and alignment led and an on/off state. 


Among the numerous innovations and improvements that this system presents, we can highlight the compact size that makes it the perfect complement to the rest of the testing systems. Moreover, it is more accurate than ever, capable of recording measurements up to 350 m/s with a precision of 0,01 m/s (from 0,55 to 200 m/s). 


No marking on moving objects is needed, anything passing through the laser beams will be detected. The system can be easily set up, moved and used under different applications, due to its electronic assistant alignment.


The SM2BL21 Speed Meter has a standalone operating system allowing the user to operate without any computer or extra device. The system included a human-machine interface (HMI) at the touchable screen, which provides full operational capabilities. It allows checking the speed meter status, arming the system and reading measurements from the touch panel display. 


For more information, you can download our speedmeter brochure here.


The SpeedMeter is available at a special discount until 30th April 2023, get in touch with us here for your quotation. 

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