3 Railway testing solutions for the future

Soluciones y sistemas de ensayo Ferrocarril

After InnoTrans, it is high time to talk about the future of railway testing and maintenance solutions and the following changes in the industry. 

As society continues to grow and develop, the railway industry has the challenge not only to promote train use for commuting but also to give service to everyday increasing demand, which means new upcoming solutions to meet railway companies’ necessities and certifications that may be required. 


In Aries, we can provide you with the most realistic, practical and solution-driven innovations in railway testing to guide you to the future of the railway industry. We have more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing different testing and maintenance solutions. 

The following systems and equipment are designed to boost technology to the next step being more practical and secure: 

Train Lifting System

A simultaneous complete train lifting and bogie dismounting, with modular set-up. You can select one or various bogies and lower them to the track while keeping the train lifted. 

This system does not require any civil work for its installation. It is modular and fully portable and allows a clear and open working area sparing the bogie drop pit. 

Check out our Youtube channel to see how it works! 

Car frame crushing Railway testing Solutions

Car Frame Crushing Facility

A strength test of railway vehicle structures for the homologation and optimization of new structures. 

The system performs with Aries digital controller for preparation, execution and test analysis. 

Set up operations through wireless touchscreens. 

Railway infrastructure test

Railway Infrastructure Accelerated Live Performance Test Facility

For research and development of rail geotechnical infrastructures. 

The system simulates a section of track on a geotechnical box thanks to hydraulic actuators, being suitable for all types of rolling stock, including high-speed trains.

All these systems are 100% configurable, and our turnkey solutions are designed to meet any requirement and need you may have. We design test benches, vibration systems and environmental chambers for the railway industry. 

If you wish to know more about Aries railway testing and maintenance solutions, you can visit our website or drop us an email at info@aries.com.es.  Also, you can stay tuned to Aries testing systems by following us on LinkedIn

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