ARIES successful commissioning of ADTS System Upgrade for Faurecia


Successful commissioning and acceptance of the ADTS system upgrade for FAURECIA.


FAURENCIA is a major player in automotive sector, this time, with the help of ARIES, our client has the technology to cope with the demand of the new generation of seat airbag tests including more information in their reports and drastically reducing the test time.

ARIES, continues its worldwide expansion as the leading company in the field of safety testing system.     

The system upgrade will be enable to do airbag seat tests in security conditions. Our upgrade of the ADTS system includes the following characteristics:

  • The most advanced control software.
  • The most advanced hardware control in order to increase the precision of the measurements and the accuracy of the control system.
  • Group of high speed cameras controlled by our ARIES system control.
  • Led lighting system controlled by our ARIES system control.
  • Report tool in order to generate automatically the final report for the client including all the information from the test.

ARIES Control and Instrumentation Manager and Project Manager of this project, recently stated: “Our aim is the satisfaction of our clients, for this reason companies like Faurecia trust our services since more than 10 years ago. They simply want the most advanced technology in their facilities and ARIES knows how to create it”.

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