After-sales Services and Technical Support

ARIES supports and guides their clients from the very first minute of the project.

Being committed to the client for us means to be always supportive and helpful. ARIES sales and after-sales team stay with the client from the first moment, advising with the design and proving equipment, also analysing the project viability, system supply, and installation. However, this is not the end of the collaboration. ARIES supports our partners for lifelong training, maintenance, and servicing, even after the warranty period! 

Our after-sales services include: 

  • Preventive, corrective, and evolutive maintenance: Creates to ensure that your systems run optimally. This service package with the system inspection, and in-house test. Based on the exclusive ARIES test bench use, we supply the required technical support and maintenance. 
  • Maintenance and technical support agreements: To maximize test efficiency, ARIES analyses the systems case by case to be able to offer the necessary software update and implementation of new functionalities. 
  • Extended warranty coverage: You can extend your warranty up to 12 months. This program offers the reparation or replacement of failed components or systems after the warranty expiration. 
  • Remote support and consulting services: Our professional team is ready to evaluate any issue that might appear and ensure technical assistance with an effective solution at your site or from one of our offices. 
  • Exchange and repair program: With a comprehensive solution, our spare parts credit fund service provides great flexibility according to your needs and also simplifies your procurement process. 
  • Training: Keep your employees up to date on test bench component systems, tuning techniques, and more with custom training that fits your needs. 
  • Calibration services: Do you need an industrial or accredited calibration? ARIES systems can be in factory traceable or official laboratory certified by an accredited entity, ENAC. 
  • Valued payment plans: We offer flexible pricing and terms to meet your needs. ARIES attempts to use all resources to provide our customers with the best assistance and highest added value. 

If you are interested in any of these aftersales services, please email us to the Aftersales department. They will get back to you as soon as possible with the best solution to your inquiry. 

In case you need any support for your systems, you can create a ticket at aries/technical-support.

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