New Seat Belt Anchorage Test System

ARIES bets on innovation and excellence by designing a new test system to perform seat belt anchorages test by applying controlled loads with the new Servo Aries Control System.

Seatbelt Anchorage

System performances

  • General Dimensions: Height: 2700 mm, Wide: 3000 mm, Length 2000 mm
  • Movements characteristics: Motorized vertical Z movement. Manual actuator lateral (Y) and vertical angle adjustment.
  • Number of actuators: 9 units
  • Max Static Force: 44/63 kN
  • Max. actuator stroke: 750 mm
  • Nominal actuator velocity: 400 mm/s
  • Dynamic Force: 30 kN

System regulations

  • ECE R14
  • FMVSS 210
  • FMVSS 225
  • ADR 34/02
  • ISOFIX test procedures
  • Other similar types of profiles

Both, the mechanical assembly and new Servo Aries Control System, allow for the upgrade of the Seat Belt Anchorage Test System to different profiles (higher or lower forces and shorter or longer application times). We are glad to receive any special requirements from our customers to suit the system to specific needs.

ARIES versatile technology positioned the company as a front-runner perfectly adapted to the real needs of the sector.

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