A TV channel shot a series called Extraordinary Power of Human Body which it includes a video clips showing Aries’ facility for extreme climatic conditions in CIMA. Below is our previous article about this most advanced climatic test system in Europe for aerospace simulation.


Aries has successfully designed and commissioned the most advanced climatic test system in Europe for aerospace simulation to CIMA (Aerospace Medical Instruction and Test Center of Spain).
Aries is proud to announce the successful commissioning in Spain of the most advanced climatic test system in Europe for extreme conditions of aerospace simulation.

The system, designed and supplied by Aries as turn-key project, serves for Spanish Air -force pilots to simulate extreme weather.

The goal is to test if the pilots and their equipment can resist extreme temperature and thermal shock. The system temperature range is from -65°C to +96°C.

The control system can adjust the temperature change at a rate of 10°C per minute, as well as to set the relative humidity from 20% to 85% and control at low-humidity conditions.

The Climatic Test and Training system can work with cascade refrigeration or with a LN2 injection system, or both at the same time. The CIMA Project Manager of this project highly appreciated the design and functionality of the Aries system and the training capabilities of human training and equipment testing in extreme environmental conditions.

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