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Our offer is backed-up by years of experience in managing the entire renewable energy value chain.

We are aware of the additional added value that our company creates in each activity, and of the dynamism of the renewable energy market. It is proven by over 400 completed projects all around the world.


We offer you a flexible solution and engineering solutions adapted to every need you may have.

We are an independent company but we partner with key providers in your area to make sure we deliver the best possible solution.


We are committed to our clients and their projects.

Therefore, we are present each step of the way. Our collaborative model is result-driven also as ARIES participates in the capital of the projects.

You can trust the results.

We have a proven and demonstrable international success and experience in the renewable energy markets.


ARIES, being the first company in Spain to reach non-recourse project finance of a solar PV project in Spain (ARSOL 1-5MW), is a pioneer in utility scale photovoltaic power generation and has developed 40 MW of PV power plants.

In these projects, ARIES maintains a majority ownership and has completed the EPC tendering process and supervision of the construction, start-up and O&M of 15 MW (with 2-axis tracking system). Furthermore, ARIES has performed engineering works on more than 1025MW of PV solar power plants all around the world. ARIES does the basic and detailed engineering, construction, commissioning and O&M supervision.


ARIES is a top CSP expert presently developing 500 MW of CSP power projects in Spain, 150MW are already under construction. As a leading engineering company in CSP technology, ARIES has been involved in the main CSP projects worldwide comprising parabolic trough, central receiver and Fresnel technologies.

ARIES has acted as owner’s engineer and technical advisor in these projects for top-tier international industrial players such as ACWA Power in more than 1700MW of CSP developments.

ARIES is at the forefront in CSP applications developing add- on solar field in to an existing conventional power facilities and integrating solar steam generation for industrial purposes.


ARIES has been involved actively in the hydro energy program developed in Spain working closely with IDAE, the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving. ARIES has provided engineering and project management services in several hydro power plants of very different power outputs. Thus, ARIES has acquired a deep expertise and know-how managing hydro projects of various sizes and site conditions.

On top of that, ARIES has also gained relevant experience in main equipment procurement processes and contract negotiations, as well as in the coordination and management of the different subcontractors involved in a hydro project, from site evaluation and selection to power plant commissioning.


ARIES has more than 15 years of experience in the wind sector.

Having developed services such as feasibility studies, wind resource evaluations, concept engineering, installation management, consultancy in O&M and due diligences in over 4800MW wind farms, ARIES plays the role of technology expert, remaining agnostic and keeping ahead of the technologies improvements and evolutions.

Our vast experience in the wind sector with the main players: wind manufacturers, utilities, banks and particular clients around the world, positions ARIES as the leader in the market guaranteeing customer satisfaction in every single contracted project.


ARIES offers other sustainable comprehensive solutions such as:

– Fuel Cells: compatible with the environment and with the development of energy good use techniques

– Biogas: for EDAR turnkey installations from 300 to 3000 kW


ARIES offers environmental studies, preparation of the technical documentation necessary to obtain all authorizations, technical and engineering projects, commissioning, management and operation of the plants.

ARIES assists you each step of the way, adjusting our solutions
to meet your individual requirements, as well as the regulations in your country.