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Our team of experienced technicians is always available to help you optimize the life-cycle cost of your systems. We provide full-service maintenance, repair, and update of your systems. Our services include timely assistance on-site or remotely from our offices; additionally, we offer you an international network of partners that we trust. Our partners will provide you with the official documentation of ARIES. 

We have your back! Our team will make sure that the tailored equipment you purchase will serve its purpose for many years to come.

The main sectors of our technical service departments include: Maintenance, Training, Repair and Commissioning.

At ARIES, we offer flexible payment plans and international after-sales assistance. 


Maximize test efficiency and ensure your systems run optimally. Our team will remain in close contact with you to discuss software updates and modifications as they become available. Technical services and maintenance scope are determined case-by-case. We also offer a service package including product disassembly, inspection and in-house tests.

Our maintenance and calibration service will keep your equipment at its best performance, ensuring reliability and longevity, and without unplanned errors and failures.

Our engineers know each component of your equipment, are trained dis- and reassemble it efficiently when required, and to perform accurate diagnosis and recalibration.

At the service completion, you will receive a full report including performed actions, the status of the equipment and suggested time for the next maintenance service.

Technical assistance at your convenience. ARIES offers you a support team of professionals to assist in the assembly and installation of our solutions, as well as anything you may require afterwards. 

As you acquire our solutions, you gain access to expertise of the whole ARIES team including experienced engineers from various departments. Additionally, our team generates and maintains operation and maintenance manuals for all of our equipment, including comprehensive components data and informative drawing.

Industrial or accredited calibration. Calibration of ARIES’ systems’ sensors can be done in the factory or an official laboratory certified by the accredited entity, ENAC. All processes are entirely traceable and supported by official documents issued by ARIES or our official partners.


Sharing expertise with your team. We train your operations and maintenance personnel to keep them up-to-date with the systems, tuning techniques, regulations and much more.

We experts start with assessing the main goal of the training—based on your needs and your team’s knowledge—and prepare a tailored program that will cover the design, functionality, operation and maintenance of ARIES equipment.
Our 4-day training course will get your team acquainted with setting up, using and maintaining the equipment. Our experts will place extra emphasis on teaching your team how to recognize any problems and interpret results.
The course is divided in two parts:

  • Part I (two days): introducing standard features of the equipment.
  • Part II (two days): covering all the various options available for each piece of equipment you purchased.

We offer the training course both in our headquarters in Madrid, as well as directly at your location. You may choose to book both parts of the training or choose the one that fit your agenda better.


The commissioning of our equipment is normally done in two stages. First, the finalized order including the purchased equipment is tested at our workshops to make sure it meets all the requirements. Then the equipment is disassembled, packed and shipped to your site, where our team assembles it and tests once again. This stage allows your team to verify that nothing was damaged in transportation, and that it has all functionalities you need.


Although our solutions are robust and very reliable systems, sometimes accidents happen. In those cases, our team is always ready to support you and restore the system functionalities to the original state in an efficient way.


Extensive annual repair coverage. The equipment repair program offers the repair/replacement of failed systems or components within a 12-month period.

Comprehensive solutions for repairs. We set up a credit fund system for spare parts and apply it according to your needs. It simplifies and speeds up the ordering process.

ARIES assists you each step of the way, adjusting our solutions
to meet your individual requirements, as well as the regulations in your country.