ARIES develops an electric vehicle battery safety test system

Aries is a visionary and innovative company that since 1987 is in the front of the automotive testing technologies.


To meet the new stringent requirements of the electric vehicle batteries Aries engineering team had developed an advanced Electric Vehicle Battery Testing System.


As a world leading automotive testing company, Aries always dedicates a lot of its resources to innovation. The company believes that electric vehicles will be the dominant transportation of the future since it is environmental friendly, energy efficient and smooth operation and have many other benefits. Therefore, Aries engineering team after a thorough investigation had developed an advanced Electric Vehicle Battery testing system to research and test the behavior of batteries in the electric vehicles.


This battery development and testing system is a member of Aries engineering solutions family.


Aries also offers engineering services, complete testing centers and solutions in the Automotive, Railway, aerospace, defense and structural sectors.

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