Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas offers engineering services and turn key, complete facilities and systems in the AUTOMOTIVERAILROAD, AEROSPATIAL AND DEFENSE, AUTOMATION AND CONTROL, INDUSTRIAL PLANTS and POWER.





   Full Scale Crash Test Facility                     Launcher Family           


Crash Simulation Test System                   Seat & Head Restraint                    

High safety demands, regulations, intermodality, and standardization requirements are just some of the challenges within the automotive sector. We work with companies of all sizes, from small component suppliers that need help obtaining certificates to the large automobile manufacturers that need to comply with new Passive and Active Safety regulations across different markets. Over the past 30 years, Aries has worked with most of the players in automotive sector from OEMs  car-makers companies like BYD, FORD, GM, VOLVO, FIAT,RENAULT, SEAT, VW, OPEL, CHERY to Tier 1 suppliers, like ANTOLIN, AUTOLIV, DELPHI, FAURECIA, NEXTEER, TRW, SAAB…etc., and to Universities and Research Centers.

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas’ solutions and products portfolio covers many different applications within automotive research and product developments, some of them listed below:



Download more information about Aries Automotive Safety Testing systems: Passive Safety Test Brochure


The railway in dustry faces several challenges due to the high safety demands placed upon the current vehicles. At Aries, we offer the most efficient systems, tests, and diagnostic technology together with the specific knowledge and experience necessary to develop protocols and perform maintenance that follow railway market requirements


  • Studies, Consultancy, Engineering.
  • Complete, in operation, Turn key full Rail road or light trains depots.
  • Railway test benches to allow different tests to be performed according to client needs.
  • Tests for maximum performance, definition, and fatigue  on different cars, wagons, bogies, axels, wheels, and other equipments.
  • Car lifting system to disassemble the bogies.
  • Special custom made test systems for research, homologation or certifications purpose, such as Fatigue (cars, wagons, bogies, axels, wheels, control systems, etc.), Dynamic tests(vehicle dynamics, impact absorbers, suspension, tracks, and ballast), Roll simulation, Inertial dynamo-meter for wheels, axels, and brakes.
  • Aries provides test systems for rolling stock maintenance purposes:Compressors,Gear boxes, Bogies, Air conditioning units ,Brake units and Simultaneous train lifting and bogies dismounting.
  • Test equipment and instrumentation for vibration and acoustics problems: Modal analysis of vehicle structures, Train-track / track-train vibration analysis, Vibration analysis of rotating elements, Equipment durability analysis, Acoustic and Noise measurement and analyze.
  • Maintenance and repair.


Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas is involved in the design and supply of different systems for Commercial Aviation. Such as:

  • Studies, Engineering and Consulting services
  • Full scale, complete test facilities
  • Hydraulic actuators test systems
  • C of G determination
  • Reactor test benches







UAV Launcher                                                     SIVA Launcher

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas Defense & Security division is internationally recognized for its technology development, innovation, independence, quality, and efficiency.  The company offers engineering services, design, supply, start-up, operation, and logistic support for a wide range of Security, Defense, and Unmanned and underwater Aircraft Systems (UAS).

Aries provides turn-key solutions designed with client-specific needs in mind, which are backed by the experience of our highly qualified team working in each of our areas of expertise (mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics, control systems, software, etc.).  Our team boasts an average working experience of over ten years.  Additionally, over the last decade, Aries has dedicated 10% of its annual profit to Research and Development (R+D).

We commit to providing our clients with exceptional service and quality no matter their global location, which comprises one of our competitive advantages.  With this commitment, the Armed Forces, Security Departments, and other civil clients (public and private) rely on our products to successfully complete their missions and operations in the most optimal manner.  The Spanish Ministry of Defense, INTA, CIMA, DERA, Chilean Ministry of Defense, EADS, Navantia or GDSBS make up some of our main references. The company also provides Unmanned Aircraft services for civil applications, emergency assistance, and preventing and extinguishing fires.


Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas, a company specializing in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), provides high-tech, UAS-based solutions to clients around the world.  The systems created by Aries are catered to the specific needs of each individual client, permitting us to supply complete services in the Security, Defense, and Civil environments.  With a team of engineers, operators, technicians, and quality analysts, Aries offers engineering and operation solutions during the entire product life cycle, spanning from the conceptualization of a project to its eventual withdraw from service.

Aries creates prototypes, provides program management, systems engineering, mission definition, system design, integration, tests and evaluations, as well as advanced ISR/UAS training.

Because of our investment in R+D we constantly find ourselves at the breaking-edge of technology, creating the most revolutionary designs, and developing the most innovative products for each market in which we serve.  The extensive know-how gained by Aries during the last 12-plus years of activity in the UAS sector, combined with our proven experience in Spanish, Israeli, and North American systems technology, allows us to provide high quality services in all areas of UAS-based solutions.

  • Market/Technology analysis and evaluation
  • UAS project leadership
  • Interface management and control
  • Test campaigns and plans
  • Giro stabilized platforms
  • Submarine Signature Definition
  • Technical documentation
  • Mission/campaign planning
  • Support obtaining certification for systems
  • Vibration systems
  • High Altitude test chambers

Download Aerospace & Defence brochure: Aerospace & Defence Brochure


Regarding ARIES experience in a multitude of test systems (including control systems, software development, electromechanical &hydraulic design as well as its integration), we continuously improve our knowledge to offer services that meet the current market demand in engineering, providing technological and innovative solutions. ARIES has experience performing complex stabilization studies (firing platforms), noise (underwater signatures), fuel hoses for airport dispensers, robotization and software development as a brief summary.


Aries team of experienced manufacturing engineers offers full service of:

  • Studies, consultancy, Engineering services
  • Complete facility integration
  • Automatization
  • Instrumentation, control

Tailored to meet the requirements of optimization of the production delivering measurable results in time and budget. 

Some of Aries´ reference are: POLIESA,CEPSA,CEDIE and IBERIA.











Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas is a world-leading, independent and diversified engineering company that has more than 30 years of experience in the field of energy engineering and particularly in renewable energy plants.

Renewable Energy Sectors

  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • Wind
  • Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Hydro
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal



Currently Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas focuses on the Vanadium Flow Batteries , a revolutionary method in the field of energy storage for renewable energy. The rise of solar and wind energy has awakened the need for an efficient method for storage. Aries Ingeniería is committed to this sector with its Redox Batteries from Vanadium.

These devices employ vanadium ions in different oxidation states, transforming electrical energy into chemical potential energy. They have very high efficiency ranges, above 70%. They have an almost unlimited capacity by using larger storage tanks.




High and very high speed video camera


Over the last decade Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has dedicated more than 10% of its manhour capacity to R&D and keeps doing that.

Among its most outstanding developments are:

  • Fuel cell technology
  • Hydrogen generation and storage
  • Unmaned aerial vehicles
  • Autonomous underwater vehicle
  • Virtual car
  • Control system for 6 DoF



  • Full service maintenance, repair and update;
  • Network of local partners authorized by ARIES;
  • Competent and efficient technical service team;
  • Phone service;
  • Original documentation for ARIES systems;
  • 32 years of experience in technical service.