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Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas is focused in supplying complete solutions for testing, measurement and data collection. We are proud of our global approach to our customers necessities, being able to supply from a single standard of the shelf sensor or  electronic board to a complete laboratory as a turn-key project. We count with a highly specialized engineering team that couples our own expertise as an engineering company with the technology that comes from our distributed partners providing exceptional added value for our customers.

Engineering Services

Thanks to the experience of more than 30 years designing, manufacturing and installing a multitude of test systems, including mechanical and electronic design, electrical and hydraulic installations, design and implementation of control systems and software; ARIES wants to incorporate this knowledge into its offer of services to meet the current demand for engineering services, providing innovative technological solutions and with this, to offer a service for the benefit of society.

Automotive Testing Systems

High safety demands, regulations, intermodality, and standardization requirements are just some of the challenges within the automotive sector. We work with companies of all sizes, from small component suppliers that need help obtaining certificates to the large automobile manufacturers that need to comply with new regulations across different markets. Over the past 30 years, ARIES has worked with most of the players in automotive sector from OEMs  car-makers companies like RENAULT, SEAT, VW, OPEL, FIAT, CHERY to Tier 1 suppliers, like AUTOLIV, DELPHI, TRW,…etc.

Railway Testing Systems

The railway industry faces several challenges due to the high safety demands placed upon the current vehicles. At Aries, we offer the most efficient test systems, tests, and diagnostic technology together with the specific knowledge necessary to develop protocols and perform maintenance tests that follow railway market requirements.

Railway test benches allow different tests to be performed according to client needs. Tests for maximum performance, definition, and fatigue are conducted on different cars, wagons, bogies, axels, wheels, and other equipments. Our engineers have developed customized control software following Aries´customer oriented philosophy.

 Download Railway brochure: 131002_Railway_triptych

Seismic Simulations & Structural Testgsings

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has the technology, expertise and flexibility to fulfill the most demanding industrial requirements and provide complete structural and seismic test laboratories to perform quasi-static, pseudo-dynamic and dynamic tests in order to fully understand the failure mechanismsand collapse process of structures and to satisfy the requirements of civil and structural regulations worldwide.


Ø  Structural testingØ  Equipment certification

Ø  Development of regulations

Ø  Pseudo-dynamic testingØ  Dynamic testing

Ø  Research and development

Ø  Quasi-static testing

Download Structural brochure: Structural brochure 170807

Aerospace and Defence / UAS

Testing and Instrumentation solutions for the Aerospace, Defence and Security industries.

Our offer covers not only many testing fields like vibration, fatigue or environmental, but also supply of embedded electronics boards or component to be integrated in complex systems subjected to defence  demanding applications.

ARIES also offers an specific line of systems for ground support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Support and Auxiliary

Customer After Sales Service

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