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The driving force of Aries has always been customer satisfaction by delivering the most efficient systems using leading edge technologies in customized solutions. The innovative and dedicated Aries engineering team has upgraded its Full Crash Test Facility technology in order to carry out Electric Vehicle crash tests, with the objective of serving the increasing needs…

Aries is a visionary and innovative company that since 1987 is in the front of the automotive testing technologies.   To meet the new stringent requirements of the electric vehicle batteries Aries engineering team had developed an advanced Electric Vehicle Battery Testing System.   As a world leading automotive testing company, Aries always dedicates a…

Aries has successfully designed and commissioned the most advanced climatic test system in Europe for aerospace simulation to CIMA (Aerospace Medical Instruction and Test Center of Spain).   Aries is proud to announce the successful commissioning in Spain of the most advanced climatic test system in Europe for extreme conditions of aerospace simulation. The system,…

Aries Ingeniería showcases the Train Lifting and Bogie Dismounting System, able to improve up to 300% the efficiency in railway maintenance tasks Innovation, productivity efficiency, costs reduction and installation periods are the key factors for the new railway maintenance systems, presented by the Spanish company. Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas will join forces with RENFE to…

ARIES technicians received great reviews from the Nexteer engineers as they exceeded Nexteer’s expectations, Aries engineers completed this installation ahead of schedule and while an excellent training on the system and the operation of all software was delivered. Nexteer engineers were very impressed with ARIES with this installation.